The Town of Oakfield is seeking sealed bids for the following road projects:

Sealcoating projects, which consist of the following:

  1. BREAKNECK ROAD (Centerline Road to County Road Y seal joint) : approximately 1.92 miles x 22-23 feet wide – hot oil single seal coat application using 100% fractured 1/8” black stone
  2. DEHRING ROAD (County Road AS to Highway 151 seal joint) : approximately 1.44 miles x 20 feet wide – hot oil single seal coat application using 100% fractured 3/8” limestone
  3. HIGHBRIDGE ROAD (County Road Y to County Road D) : approximately 1.39 miles x 20-22 feet wide – heavy hot oil single seal coat using 100% fractured 3/8” black stone

Cold mix wedging project:

  1. JOHNSON ROAD (Oak Center Road North to town line) : approximately .78 miles x 20 feet wide – cold mix wedging in various sections

For cold mix asphalt spot wedging, quote must include price per ton for material laid in place and compacted, and the estimated number of tons to be used for the project.

Contractors are to supply all labor, material, traffic control, signing and proof of insurance.

The Town Board reserves the right to reject or disregard any and all bids, or parts of bids, that do not adequately respond to the specifications requested in the bid notice.

Bids will be publicly opened and acted upon at 7:00 p.m. on Monday May 16, 2022 at the Town Hall in Oak Center at N3349 Oak Center Road, Oakfield.

The bidders are reminded that the work must be completed to State of Wisconsin DOT standards.

All interested parties may contact Town Road Supervisor Joseph Schauer, W8965 Oak Center Road, Oakfield, WI 53065, (920) 904-0161 for further information or to view the proposed projects.

Noticed: May 2, 2022 and May 9, 2022

Nicole Schauer, Town Clerk