Stay Safe During This Dangerous Cold


Fond du Lac County Emergency Management
January 29, 2019
Stay Safe During This Dangerous Cold

Contact Bobbi Hicken, Telephone 920-929-7647, Email

Fond du Lac County Emergency Management is encouraging everyone to stay informed and stay safe during this historic cold weather. The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill warning that will go into effect at 6:00 pm tonight (Tuesday) and continue through noon on Thursday.

During temperatures like this, it is not safe to be outside and any prolonged exposure can be life-threatening for everyone, including pets.

Many of the roads throughout the county are still snow covered and slippery due to the extremely cold temperatures making the salt ineffective. Travel is not recommended unless it is absolutely necessary. If you must travel, it is important to have an emergency kit with you and ensure people know where you are traveling and when you are expected to arrive at your destination.

Bobbi Hicken, Director of Communications and Emergency Management, advises that “in normal situations, if your vehicle stalled or you went into the ditch, it wouldn’t necessarily be considered an emergency. In these extreme temperatures, being stuck outside for any amount of time is an emergency and you should call 9-1-1 right away.”

Always use safe methods for heating your home and make sure you have working carbon monoxide detectors.

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