NOTICE: Town Chairperson Needed

Town Chairperson Needed

Town Chair Job Description and Responsibilities:

The Town Chair is a part-time position elected by the residents of the Town to serve a two-year term.

The town chair is a member of the town board of supervisors. He or she has an equal vote as the other board members and may make and second motions at town board meetings. While the town chair has many of the same duties and responsibilities as the other board members, the chair does have some unique powers and responsibilities. These are listed in detail under s. 60.24, Wis. Stat. The powers of the chair most frequently exercised are listed below.

General Powers and Duties of the Chairperson:

  • Preside over meetings of the town board and annual town meeting.
  • Inform board members of any issues or changes prior to a board meeting
  • Provide notice of town board meetings pursuant to s. 19.84, Wis. Stat.
  • Preside at town elector meetings, if present, pursuant s. 60.13(1), Wis. Stat.
  • Sign documents such as ordinances, contracts, resolutions, etc.
  • Sign checks and transfer orders as required under s. 66.0607, Wis. Stat.
  • Assure administration of statues
  • Act on behalf of and authorization of the board
  • Administer Oaths
  • See s. 60.24(3) for Additional Responsibilities

The town supervisors and town chair make up the town board. The state statutes do not list all of the powers and duties of the town board in one central location. Rather, those powers and duties are scattered throughout state law. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the town board “Has charge of all affairs of the town not committed by law to another body or officer or to a town employee”. See s. 60.22(1), Wis. Stat.

Some Essential Qualities needed for the job:

  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Computer proficiency (internet, email, etc.)
  • Timely correspondence
  • Comprehension of issues  

Additional requirements:

  • Must be a resident of the Town of Oakfield
  • Must be 18 yrs. of age or older

Annual salary: $3,600, plus meeting per diem and mileage

Interested parties should contact:                                                                                                                                            Town Supervisor Albert Messner at or 920.583.3477


Town Clerk Nicole Schauer at or 920.517.6727